Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide. Save $25 plus free shipping.

Save $25.00 off the retail price of $149.99.  SPECIAL Christmas OFFER. EB3 Miter Guide Sale $125.00 with FREE SHIPPING within the continental US, including one flip stop, abrasive tape for the face of the fence a glide tape for the bottom of the fence and a tape measure. The EB3 is the guide Norm Abram has been using for years on the New Yankee Workshop.This patented tool was developed from the ground up. The protractor is the base design of practically every miter guide made. It is also the single main source of the problems encountered when crosscutting. We discarded the entire protractor concept. In our engineering of the application of our patent we wanted most of all to keep the guide simple. It had to be rock solid and easily set to very accurate angles over and over. The triangle was the obvious answer to the stability issue. No geometric shape is used more to straighten and stabilize components than the triangle. Pythagoras had it right. We put an abrasive face the front of the fence, which absolutely prevents any movement of the work piece during the cut. This guide is extremely accurate right out of the box. Simple solutions are always best." Order yours now! Shipping is FREE within the continental U.S.

Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide. Save $25 plus free shipping.
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  • Item #: EB-3
  • Manufacturer: The Osborne Manufacturing Company
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