48" R to L STEEL Self Adhesive Tape Measure SALE PRICE $11.95

Use these tape measures just about anywhere. Calibrated in feet and inches with crisp red and black lines and numbers. Applies securely to most any surface. Excellent for miter tables to index precise cut off length. Use them on your work bench for quick dimensioning without the need to pull out your tape measure. Great to measure lengths of bulk roll stock. The uses for this tape are limited only to your imagination. A real time saver. Specially priced at $9.95 for a limited time. PRICE INCLUDES FLAT RATE $1.00 shipping. TM48R-L TAPES READ RIGHT TO LEFT.

Illustration reads L-R. This tape measures R-L
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  • Item #: TM48R-L
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Price $13.95
Sale Price $11.95
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